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Every usual human being who will have a household absolutely wants to get happiness. Unfortunately it isn't an easy thing recruited, because we have to pass either problems or obstacles, At least there are 5 steps that a couple ( husband and wife ) have to pay attention if they want to be successful in having household eternally, thay are :
1. Understand each other, 2. Accept each other, 3. Respect each other, 4. Believe  each other, 5. Love each other.
Wife and husband should understand about her/ his couple's habit, characteristic, pleasure and temper. For instance if husband is temperamental, he is easy to hit when he is angry with her. But wife must wait for good time to talk the problem again. Maybe when he and she are sitting together or when having dinner together is better for wife to remind her husband with little joke or slowly but sure, so the relationship will run well.
Happy audiences ... the second is to accept each other, it means wife and husband are satisfied with everything they receive for her/ his couple not small or little, that's why a wife may not ask more than his capability because it can arouse two capabilities.
First is a husband will take short cut by doing every thing without basic or out of the rule such as corruption and stealing.
Second is a husband will be at home rarely and he will do useless thing. And so does a husband. He should accept his wife's service treatment satisfied because no one is perfect in human being she has many mistakes and weaknesses.
Three is respect each other means if there is contra opinion, they have to discuss and take agreement together.
Four is to believe each other means a wife and husband have to speak honestly and fairly.
The last is to love each other. On the basic of love a wife and husband will do their heavy duties easily. A husband will do nothing that make his wife unhappy and so does wife.